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November 24, 2005



OMG!!! i love hand turkeys!!! There was hand turkeys in the gilmore girls!!

Hitomi Kats

I never thought that hands can be turkeys!
They are really cool.
Happy Thanksgiving!

BTW, did you receive my pictures?
I have sent some pictures to [email protected].....


Happy Thanksgiving! Yay for canned turkey!

Stephanie VW

Happy belated Thanksgiving!


Hehe, those are so cute. Happy Thanksgiving! I missed Thanksgiving here in Canada because i was in Asia. Oh man, now I'm craving smoked turkey, thanks for reminding me, hehe


very cool! I remember making hand turkeys - what a neat momento. And I love the last turkey who seems to be smoking...


hahaha, KP's hand turkey is smoking!! love it. it's a turkey in japan :)

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