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December 10, 2005



hahah i love the pictures of the kids and the guy in the car.. especially since i was there :) you're welcome on the STR. i'm sure you'll love it. it truly does rock.

Sui Generis

Where in Japan did you find a burger like that?? I would have killed for one of those while I was living there.

(love the site, btw... long time reader, first time caller, & all that.)


Hello! I won the cute Japanese Amigurumi crochet toy book. I am so excited. You will need to show me where on the internet I can get explainations of the diagrams. Thanks, Kat!


I won 3 of your books! I am so excited to get them! Thanks!


hey kat! happy belated two years! ^_^ just so you know a package should be on its way to you...


That roller coaster photo is the best! I'm so confused. Why is the guy wearing a wrestler mask?

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