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February 10, 2006



Hey Kat, nice sweater! I am really bitter about these lost holidays, too. Enjoy your weekend!


I like your tweaks -- I think the bobbles were too busy anyway. And I share the general bitterness about losing four holidays. Grr.


yeah! love it! damn, now i have to add that to my to-do list as well.


hey kat..the blue forecast looks lovely on you! good job! and the yellow buttons give the extra umph! sweet...

Steph VW

That's such a great sweater! Gah. Another to add to my ever growing list.


I really like this sweater with your modifications. It looks gorgeous and very wearable. Have a wonderful weekend!


Girl, you look HOTT in that sweater!! Great job!


what an awesome pattern! i think that the more that i look at it, the more i like it. seeing it in other colors and shapes is definitely good too. now i want to make it!

gorgeous job kat. it's something to be proud of.. and i really like the buttons :)


very cute! I wanna see it with a yellow skirt hehe!


What a beautiful sweater! You did a great job! Alot of our holidays land on the weekend this year too, but we're lucky. We get the following Monday off, in lieu of...not to rub it in or anything. =P

Have a great weekend, Kat!


Very cute! That Stephanie Japel, she makes some great patterns, no?


Looks great! Such a cheerful blue.


it looks awesome! I've been hemming and hawing on this pattern for a while and you've just put it back on the contenders list. Would you ever wear it open i wonder?


Ooooh goodness that's cute. I'd even pay more than yarn cost if I saw that in the store... Which is really saying something.

How incredibly cute and smart that cardi looks.


That's one fancy sweater! Nice job!


Awesome! That looks great!


It looks fantastic! I love the contrast with your vintage yellow buttons! fierce.


Wow..that looks great! I wasn't too sure of that pattern the first time I looked at it, but yours has made me think I need to take a second look. Beautiful job!


Love Forecast! It looks great on you.


great job, kat. those vintage button are especially awesome. the sweater looks fantastic on you! :)


that looks freaking FANTASIC! i love it! why oh why did you have to post about it though? i need a new project like i need a hole in the head.

btw - you cheated, i'm sure that is the yarn you originally purchased to make reveal from rowan 34.


looks rad!


Very nice! Love those vintage buttons. Now I have to add it on to my to-do list.


Wow, great job! i love the color too + with the yellow buttons, it really pops! i like the cables as well, thanks for inspiring me to make one!


Simply smashing! Excellent job!

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