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May 18, 2006



I love how Costco is International! Very comforting to know that there's a Costco nearby with all the Toilet Paper you want or need.


Costco looks like so much fun! That's too bad about Rilakuma, I love that guy.


Yay Costco! Now you can enjoy the pleasures of Enormous Quantities.


That ranch dressing is hilarious - it looks like it's in a water bottle! Ewwww.


We get those oats too! What a deal. I heart Costco.

And Relax Bear is so cute! Sorry you missed your picture with him!


OH! rirakuma!! the "relax" bear :) hehehe, you probably don't know this but when i was there i bought 15 of those plastic rirakuma folders at yuzawaya to bring back for the spiders here. on each one, rirakuma was doing something or other lazy thing and it was cracking me up. i've been calling him the lazy bear ever since! never bothering to look him up, of course. how funny! i have the folder of him munching on a cookie, "bari bari."

wow, so you go out to costco, buy a bunch of stuff, pay an extra 500 yen and it just shows up at your house? i wish they had that in NYC! or maybe they do.. hmmm, i must check on that.


I am so desirious of Pinn's Bento Box lunch. Yum! She wears the beret and capelet so well. Adorable!


That bento looks so delicious, and Pinn looks very stylish. What fun! And Costco, it looks just like the ones in the US. I guess I was expecting it to have more Japanese stuff, like giant boxes of nori or yakisoba or something.


Wow, Costco! hehe I love eating a Polish Dog and a Churro whenever I go.. and so cheap, how can you say no? ;)
Hope you've been doing well!


that tin of nacho cheese? never a good idea. (my family knows from experience...)


I'm glad to hear that Paypal ruled in your favour. However, is she not certified? They can't take the funds out of her account. That's horrible. The necklace is nice but definitely not worth the trouble! I hope you have much better luck next time!

Stephanie S

Whoa! I'm totally overwhelmed by those photos...it's making me remember how excited i used to get when I would go to the "Comissary" (is that how you spell it?) store on the American Army base in Tokyo and buy gobs of Twinkies and US junk food because it was such a treat in Japan. Strange! It must be a total gaijin pickup joint, eh?


you don't like ranch dressing?!!! i dont like vegemite, so i guess we're even, then...


oo! put me on your mailing list for the japanese crafts website! that must me alot of hard-work, がんばってください!

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