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May 23, 2006



You were really funny with the cupcakes! I didn't know you wound up with frosting on your forehead though!


Adorable socks! And that cake is so. awesome. As are the cute babies!


wow! look at that birthday cake! jo is a genius.


Oh my goodness...I so hope we get to hook up when you guys are in the states. I can't wait. If you are here in October (20-21), you might be able to come to The Girlie Show...you would love it!


A party for 3 one year olds! what fun! i'm so jealous!. The cake looks fantastic and I love Lucy's dress!.


I love socks *____*
and yours are very very nice!!!


I am really glad that you like the socks - I was totally worried that you didn't like them. I knew that you would at LEAST love the colours!!

Icing on the forehead eh? I guess you enjoy your food as much as I do! LOL

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