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July 03, 2006



That belt is classic. I look forward to hearing what kind of reactions you get!


It's funny - I have an aversion towards the "original", but yours I would want! Nice detailing too.


Hmmmm...it's funny that I was thinking of making a version of the cable knit Valentino purse. I guess that would qualify. Nice belt! Maybe LV will hire you to make more or at least pay for the pattern!


Wow, I'm so impressed! That looks awesome! What a cool project.

carrie m

i hadn't heard about this project yet -- thanks for telling us! i might have to give it a try. your belt is wonderful.


what a great idea! and crochet is so sturdy. i'm sure that belt will last a long time! very cool.


What a smart girl you are! Now you can be all stylin' without having to pay $500 for a LV belt!


how cute is that? love it!


OMG! They invented the word "CUTE" for that.

Love Mok


The belt is a winner!


That's a RIOT! I love it! (And it is legal, as long as you don't sell it or a pattern for it.)


I just got home from teaching a knitting class, threw a steak on the bbq and cracked a Heineken. I thought my brain could not absorb anymore info regarding knitting or yarn but I just had to check in to see what Kat was up to as I hadn't read your blog lately. WOW! I love that belt. You are truly amazing! I cannot wait to see what other accessories you complete. The texture of this belt and the way you nailed the monogram is awesome. I am showin' this one to the group. Cheers! The beer and steak are delicious bye the way.

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