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July 10, 2006



oh my god! we are totally such top models! I like the first and the last the best. Doesn't Jenn remind you of Mary Poppins in the first- just like she's floating down under an umbrella!


These are great, Kat! It felt like I was back there again for a few minutes. :-)
Good luck!


i love these! i saw that jumping one on martine's blog yesterday. it looks like the shoot was a lot of fun :)


You guys look like you're having so much fun! I would never guess it was 30 degrees. I hope you make it in!!

carrie m

i love the shot of you guys jumping in the intersection. so much fun. my forecast is jealous!


So adorable! It looks like one of those great movie trailers from the 1950-60s -- everyone is having a great time and there's a kicky song playing.


As I mentioned on Martine's site, that first one is definitely fantabulous. If you really don't like your midsection showing, just Photoshop it so that your shirt looks longer. But really, I didn't take note at all and only thought, "Wow. Kat can jump really high."


Oh my gosh! They are all so fun!


You guys are so cute!!


These pics rock. You're top models FER SURE!


Yikes, I totally do look like Mary Poppins in that first one! I've already forgotten what a humid +30 feels like - it's about 23 where we are here in Canada and bone dry...heaven if you ask me. Miss you guys though!


These are all so great! I also like how you all had shoe changes too!




i love the first one! hope to see it in the new calendar! good luck!


Hey there, Looks like you girls had a great time. I love the fist pic too. Styling! I'll be back in Tokyo soon (next week) so I'll see ya then :)


those pics are so great. you guys make me want to knit up forecast!


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