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July 14, 2006



Loved the photos for the calender. The one at the crossing brilliant. I am not so sure on the other hand about the black sesame pudding but hey, if i see one around, i will try it on your reccomendation! Have fun at the beach on Monday, i wanted to go, but my boyfriend said "It is too cold for the beach, we should wait until August or September" I laughed at him, but he still claims it would be too cold. So if all Japanese people are having that same thought you might be lucky and get most of the beach, black sand and all, to yourselves.


oh yes, i've had black sesame porrige from our local vegetarian korean place and it's so yummy! totally understand that obsession :)


That looks delicious! Happy Marine Day!


Friday in Tokyo was SO stinking hot! My friend and I were outside all day and we almost died. Really.

Have fun at the beach!


Interesting absession... it does look gross but after you explain the taste i might actually like it. one of my favorit stuff there was aloe yogrute stuff. drinks and what not.. very soothing in the summers


the first time i saw any grey desert was goma ice cream somewhere in tokyo. This looks equally exciting.


Hey! You sound like someone who'd like Gimme Your Stuff!! drop by and visit us if you'd like to swap some crazy stuff from around the world :)


Oh that pudding looks so good! I wonder if there's any way to make it as I'm sure it's really hard to find here in the US

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