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July 27, 2006




Where is there no mention of why you started watching Entourage?

Love Mok


The t-shirt is super cute, I want one.......


yeah!! so glad that you love entourage! it's also one of my favorite shows :)


Dude. You always have the BEST links to handmade shirts! Supayana, and now this! You are tempting me!

Your T-shirt looks great!


CNTM was indeed the worst. They chose the snivelly, slumped little girl just because of the "look how she's changed!" angle they can work. Ugh.
How did you get to watch it, I'm wondering? I would not have expected anyone outside of Canada to have access or even interest!


still on the puding!? haha... can be adictive... those snacks. you finally got a post up. I thought you may found another thing that you hooked on to. I should look up online for one of those puddings.


just so you know my friend- I requested that same top a mere SECONDS after you got it! just goes to show we both got good taste!


That top, and that pic of you in that top...kawaii!


Johnny Drama is a hoot! huge doomo arigato for the MW link - what a hottie!


I've been meaning to do that same T-shirt surgery for ages, too -- got the supplies, need to get to the sewing!

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