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August 18, 2006



I can't believe it! I bought this jap knitting book in Kinokynia in Sydney (ISBN 4277430686) and there's all these weird English comments about Avril. I thought it was the 'name' of the attractive model in the book but it's actually a yarn brand?!! Hahaha.


hard rock guinea pigs! yeah!

the top is super cute; it looks great over the yellow tank. looks like a right pain to knit, though - can you even see your stitches? i like the picture of the yarn, it looks like a creeper or a herb or something.


ah, avril! i love that place :) the top looks really cute and perfect for the summer. what cool yarn to use!

man, those piggies are really rockin' the grass hard. very cute :)


Very cute top.


That top is SO. rockin'.


Very pretty. I love that yarn


Very cool top! The nice thing is you just KNOW no one else will have something like that. Cute piggy movie ;-)


Wow, fab, sooo fab!!

Peach Tree

Slayer is indeed perfect dinner music! If you look real close, you can actually see those piggies head-banging - aids in digestion I hear.

Peach Tree

Oh yeah, and love the top!


Hello. A parenthesis is better than a former pattern and is wonderful! I want to imitate it!
I think that I met you in avril kichijouji shop in summer. Do you remember me who had a pattern of "hemp for knitting?" ?
In addition, I come to play.


that yarn is too cool. i LOVE that top, looks hot on you, hottie!


Those are some rockin' GP's you have there.

frecklegirl jess

Wow... weird yarn! Was it hard on your hands to knit with? Looks all spikey.

The top turned out super cool- love it above the tank!

Hehe... love those piggies.


The top is so beautiful and trendy.


those look very nice! I like that whole idea with your outfit. well... summer in Japan especially around aug. is quite a bit fun. you can usually smell the season changes so... I could understand you not having time for a blog!

reiny rizzi

I absolute love this yarn.Searched the web for it,but found only a japanese site,which I don't understand.Will you be so kind to tell me an online source where I could buy some,please.
Thank you very much in advance
Reiny from Luxembourg


very cool top, i would love to be able to feel that stuff.


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