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September 04, 2006



so incredibly sad,... great story about oakland kid.


dead as a dead dingo's donga - SHOCKED and surprisingly saddened...what a true blue aussie you are to give such a fine tribute to a superb hero


I know, it's so sad. He was also an amazing land conservationist, as well as wildlife.


Oh my gosh - that's so sad!! Very big loss for Australia and the environmental community. But, someone quoted on CNN said it best: He went doing something he loved.


Oh, I remember when you went to the zoo and saw him! Very sad.

carrie m

it's pretty creepy, isn't it? i thought i misheard the news report.


That is crazy! I didn't even know he had died! I'm glad to hear he lived up to his personality, and thanks to you, I'm now a Steve Irwin fan.


i just could not believe it when i saw that he was dead. i figured he would live forever with all of the skills he had dealing with dangerous creatures! what a terrible freak accident.


Wow that was a grrreattt story about the inner city kid. You never know who you can make an impression on. I'm very hurt by the loss of the crocodile hunter, it's almost unbelievable. I will bet some money that this is the first time anyone has ever been stabbed in the chest by a sting ray. That was freak to say the least. I'm glad i took time out to read your particular blog.

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