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September 01, 2006



looks like a fun trip! kansai's so beautiful. someday i'll have to make it back to japan so that i can go there. hope you're having a great summer!


Wow - your friend has some talent !!!
Love the house, the shop and the DJ Booth !!!!

Felicia from sweetgeorgia

Mmmm, I love it all! I'm coming back to visit Japan in October and although I don't think we'll have time to go back to Kyoto, we will definitely be in Tokyo... oh and I HAVE to get myself to AVRIL this time!!!


sounds like a great trip! nice turntable stand - i think c would LOVE that for his turntables! :D


Kyoto may be may favorite place on earth. I loved your photos...so many lovely shots. You've got me drooling for some okonomiaki now.
Isn't Fushimi Inari a great day trip? (I have some *foxy wishes* hanging in my sewing room.)


Ooooh, love the pic of Gion with the dusk lights - very very lovely - one of my fave parts of Kyoto!!! Sounds like an awesome trip, you lucky bastards...


Love Kyoto too. It is SO COOL that Prince has that DJ booth. I wonder if it is Purple. To compensate for height difference and in deference to The Imp of the perverse I wanted my husband to dress like Prince for our wedding, in high heels and a lace jumpsuit and grow a little pencil moustache. He declined.


I finally got to visit Japan this year - we spent about 5 days in our sister city, Kakegawa, and then 4 days in Kyoto. Obviously we hit mostly the regular tourist attractions, but our guide also picked out some really interesting stuff too - Sanjusangendo probably being my favorite. Sooo impressive.

I miss the crosswalk at Kyoto-eki! :D We were staying about a block down from that in a ryokan, and we could hear the crosswalk at all hours til it was so stuck in our heads, we were singing it to ourselves on regular crosswalks.


Ohh, Kyoto is beautiful! I know it in the books of Kawabata,He describes all Kyoto.


Hey, next time you come to Kyoto, email me! You can meet my friend Gretchen and I for our SnB! Our dates are always flexible! Do you have addresses/maps for your friends' shops?

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