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September 19, 2006



That's really sad I hate to see the soul being sucked out of places - spesh somewhere as unique as Kichijoji. Ah another 14 story building - that'll be nice...


I tend to frequent the one near the park also but will make the trip to the one on kichijoji-dori one night this week probably Thursday or Friday to say my goodbyes. It was actually the one I went to originally a couple of years ago when I was here as a student...It is a great little place and always so nice and welcoming.

There was news of it closing and now it has come around so soon.

Enjoy your weekend drinks!


oh no! that's too bad :( i hate it when "old" places get knocked down for something "new" and "modern". when will city planners realize that the history of those buildings is more important than money?! grrrr...

Steph VW

Since I own an 86 year-old house, you can probably guess I'm not a fan of the "newer is better" mantra that is so popular.

Any chance you'll be making international news by protesting the wrecking ball?


your friend Toshio is totally HOT!!
is he single??
what's his story?!


It's sad to lose something good. We found out one of our favourite restaurants in Gloucester Road, London had closed down recently, so I sympathise.

I'm visiting Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka) on Sunday. Do you have any shopping tips for a knitter/crafter (yarn/fabric) in Tokyo, in particular? If you've posted about this sort of thing before, please forgive me!

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