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October 25, 2006



wow, lots lots lots going on! and anna d. is leaving tokyo soon too :( but for good. sad!

be sure to take pictures at the knit out! that ought to be a sight to see!

you won't be anywhere near NYC in the states, will you? probably not, but thought that i should ask :)


Loretta is soooo gorgeous. I miss having my piggers. That's it. I'm adding you to my blogroll.


Boy, you ARE busy! And when did Jen have another child? I remember when she was pregnant with the first! Have fun at the Knit Out!

stephanie s

Wait a second, you're not moving from Tokyo, are you? Just visiting the States, right? Wow, that would be a big move, if you are...

Can't wait to see the mutant sock--heh heh!

Your teen piggie: just wait until she starts dating and asking to use the car on weekends :)

frecklegirl jess

Ohmygosh. That piggie picture is too freaking funny for words. :)

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