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October 10, 2006



Look at you with your cuteness! Your sweater (and you) look great!


That's a nice retro look, and the glasses complete the charm!


oh wow! how uber cute is that cardi! you look absolutely fabulous. great job!


That is such a cute sweater, Kat! And the skirt is a perfect complement. Which came first, the sweater or the skirt?
I'm partial to your color choices, too. Black and pink...always a winning combination!

Steph VW

That sweater is beyond cute. Yay you! *standing ovation for Kat's knitting skillz*

The boy has some serious handstand abilities. Yowza.


Oh wow - your florence is tres cute! Love it with the flippy skirt too. Brava!


wow! it's so great to see florence done! i remember how sad you were at thanksgiving last year when we looked at it and couldn't figure out how to fix those neckline decreases. you did a splendid job of finishing it up! totally fabulous!

i must say, that is THE nicest piece of grass i have seen in a long time! look at how manicured it is! where did you find it?


SUUUUPER cute sweater! It looks so great on you, and it is perfect paired with that skirt! And yeah, that is a nice piece of grass, too!


Wow! That sweater is amazing! It looks beautiful on you!


Florence is very impressive! Beautiful job, Kat!!


Your Florence is just lovely! A beautiful job...and I am most envious because I know that sweater pattern would probably have scared the crap out of me!

BTW - How was Madonna?


oh i like that! florence is beautiful and it looks great on you. congrats!


florence looks great! and the day out looks like it was lovely.


I would've never considered making Florence based on the photo in the magazine but the dark colour makes it look so much more sophisticated!


The photos of you in the sweater are awesome!

Wasn't that a great weekend? I went up Takaosan to hang out with the tengu and about 2 million other tourists. Woo!

Hey, I'll try to come back to the Cow with my newest project when I get it figured out...See ya!


hey kat! that sweater looks fabulous on you!

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