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October 18, 2006



I'm so sorry! How many repeats did you do? Is your skein the old put up or the new put up? This pattern EATS yarn. It's crazy. I think I did no more than 25 repeats before I start the heel - and I did 12 rows of ribbing. The formula is somewhere on my blog - but email me if you can't find it and I'll look. YOU CAN GET TWO SOCKS out of this. I promise. I only ran out of yarn like twice. ;-)


Lip my stockings! LIP them!!

Steph VW

Oh no!

Running out of yarn is my biggest fear when knitting socks. I've started doing all of my socks from the toe up.

I'm so paranoid about it that I'm planning to bring all of my 100g balls of yarn to the office where I can use my fancy schmancy pharmacy scale to divide them into 50g balls.


ooh! What kit did you buy? I've been really wanting to do one of her kits...

Sorry about the yarn. Is it a colorway that they have often? Because Rhinebeck is this weekend...and they'll have Socks That Rock...let me know!


Jaywalkers just eat up yarn! I ran out, too, but luckily I'd made the legs pretty short (but still ran out).


to answer cara's question, it's the old put up of STR that i bought at rhinebeck last year so it has less yardage than the STR that they currently offer :( bummer. i'm sad you'll have to rip back.. but the colors are lovely! as i expected them to be.

i was just thinking about how last thanksgiving we spent at your place and what a rocking good time it was :) this year will be tough.. it definitely won't beat hanging out on the tatami, drinking beer, and being with good friends.


Thanks for the props, my friend.
I can't wait til you two get to Oklahoma City!!! I'm so pumped.


Okay - it doesn't matter if it's the 325yd put up. I made like 8 pairs of Jaywalkers with that put up. In fact all of my jaywalkers were made with 325 yds. And like I said, I only ran out like twice. And once was because I added repeats.

We'll get this to work. No fear.


Oh no, bummer. Hope you get your socks under control without having to rip it ALL!

And yay Thanksgiving! I bet you'll love it. I'm going home too, it'll be here before we know it!


You need to turn them into MUTANT socks! Cast on a whole new thingie of yarn and just GO! No apologies or nothing :) I wanna see that...


OH, that's a bummer! At least you were able to get through them. My jaywalkers are sadly sitting in the bottom of a basket waiting to see the light of day.

That yarn is really awesome though! Fun colors to be sporting on your feet. :)

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