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November 01, 2006



My first thought was Brett Michaels (from Poison) until I realized that he doesn't look like that anymore. I think we both dated ourselves AND gave insight into the music of our youth. lol. Thanks for the Google of Sebastian Bach though.. I used to have some of those photos on my wall in high school.
Do let us know if anyone identifies "blondie" up there.. I'm curious!


Vince Neil of Motley Crue?


yeah, i thought Vince Neil too...


yeah, i thought Vince Neil too...


first thing i thought was iggy pop, then realized there is too much meat on his bones to be him. oh well.


Ha - Sebastian Bach! I ran into him in a skyway when he was here doing Jesus Christ Superstar. You could tell he was really wanting people to recognize him.

frecklegirl jess

Oh man, I went through a bit of a Skid Row phase... hehe

Too bad! No idea who it could be though...


Paris Hilton?!? :oP

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