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November 02, 2006



man! i love the first slippers & the little hat (we'll call it the "tea cozy hat") - but I'm sad b/c I can't read it:(
Do you know of a site that will translate by chance?


I just tried to access the puppy slipper pattern, too, but when I clicked on the "print" link, it only showed the first pointy hat pattern.

I know the shape of the puppy hat is similar to the pocketbook slippers, so maybe it is a pattern for both and I just can't read it? But the striped puppy slippers (and their tiny tie) are way cuter than the pocketbook variety. Help.


thanks for list, I'm off to Tokyo!


Thanks for the yarn store list! I found you through Google. My husband and I were in Tokyo in August 06 and will be back in February 08. I was kicking myself for not buying yarn the last time, but it looks like I will get my chance!


Hello! Does anyone know where I can take a class on using a knitting machine?

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