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December 11, 2006



i LOVE the jaywalkers! seriously, i really dig fraternal twin socks. when they are too much alike, they are just boring in my opinion.

you look sleepy in that caviar picture! :) working too hard lately?


What a beautiful day! And hey, your socks look GREAT. I like how they are different. I've never tried caviar, but is it like eating tobiko? Kind of?


GUINEA PIGS!!! I've been beggin my hubby for a guinea pig recently. I think I just need to get him to hold one and it'll close the deal ;P Anyways, they're cuties, and the socks are wonderful. You can never go wrong with pink, but you obviously already know that :)



i love your socks, but i think i love them more with your metallic blue heels.


i love your socks!what do you mean about the fleamarkets?is that for everywhere or only inokashira park? fleamarkets are one of my only weekend pleasures when the sun comes out.


your jaywalkers rock...excuse the socks that rock pun!

but i'm horrified! you can't eat cavier with a cracker. you need to eat it with a blini the way they do in russia! a bit of mayo, spanish onion.....mmmmmmm


cavier is da bomb! just like your pink jaywalkers! LOVE THEM.


Merry Xmas Pinku! hope 2007 is a great year for you!

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