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December 04, 2006



Shoes are cute! Just like sunsets, shopping and food.

Love Mok


It's great to have you back and I was so happy you weren't too tired to come to the party! Hope you had fun, didn't really get much of a chance to chat properly.....

The road trip photos are just beautiful!!!!! I'm so jealous. Some nice mary-jane's in the shoe collection, Imelda :)

Quiet beers soon, ne.


Long time reader, first time poster, but I have to know...how on earth do you get knitting needle onto a plane? The only time I tried it I had to leave the needles behind and unravel half my project. Knitting is the perfect long-haul activity, but security weren't sympathetic.


what a great trip! that's a lot of driving, people, places, food, and shoes :) too bad you couldn't bring back those last two pairs! glad to hear you're back in tokes safe and sound.


The pictures of food are hilarious! I guess when it's offered in such freakish abundance, there's nothing to do but photograph it.

Your trip sounds fun and I'm glad you were able to make it to so many thrift stores. You'll be set with shoes for a while now.


Looks like a wonderful trip. I can't believe that Thanksgiving spread! Glad you are safe at home now.


Looks like you had an awesome trip. Welcome back!


Looks like you had tons of fun! Shoes, especially! Lukcy to be able to knit on your flight home, knitting needles were banned completely from my Chicago-Paris flight. Sigh.


Kat-did you use your Denise needles on the flight? I've been debating on buying the new Knit Picks Options needle set but figure I will still have to invest in Denise needles to take on planes.

Your post has me craving Mexican food.

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