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January 16, 2007



Perhaps you could pin your neck warmers to your coat at the nape of your neck? Then just fling it off and let it trail behind you in a fashion statement. You could add an i-cord chain to your mittens to keep them together and perhaps tie it around a button on your coat or pin it inside your pocket.

Or carry a bigger bag in the winter. One of those thin bags sold at yen stores might do the trick and fold up into your purse. Plus you could use it for shopping.


I hear you about not mixing w/ cold! Mags and movies are a great way to get through a cold day, so thanks for those great finds!

See you tonight at the PinkCow!


ugh, i'm such a fashion disaster in the winter! i usually just stick to dark shades of everything plus lots of black. it goes over well here in NYC anyway.

i wish i had stocked up on some cute stocking when i was in tokyo! they really are great for the winter :)

p.s. jindaiji.. sigh.. what i wouldn't give for some rotenburo action.


Kat! Sorry to hear about the shawl. Winter is definitely a difficult time. I always have to have lots of layers. I thought I could do the tights-with-skirt-and-boots thing to try to look somewhat okay, but it just didn't work for me, so it's back to frump city! They do have the cutest socks and such in Japan. Anyway, way to focus on the positive aspects!


wow! I can't wait to see that sweater!
p.s. I'm very sorry about your shawl.


I tend to lose a hat a year - last year was a lovely turquoise crocheted number, this year a blue 'beret' style woolley. Usually sat on the top of an overflowing bag or on my lap when I hurry off a train. Gutting and I never make it to the lost property office. I have also got no idea where a beautiful turquoise toned scarf is. I had it. Then I didn't.


hi, loved hearing all your favourite things. was excited to read about village vanguard, the first time i came to japan there was one in osaka which we loved, next time i went couple of years later, it was gone and another trip later i still ahvnt found a village vanguard anywhere. do you have direcions fpr the one in kichijoji? or are there others in tokyo too? thanks a lot keep warm xxxx


hi :-)

i am french and live in paris. i am going to knit that sweater too, any recommandations are welcome. thank you!


i enjoy this sweater - where do i find it please.


Oh yes - can totally relate to not being able to dress for winter. One of my many points of confusion are boots - which boots for what occaision, what style, height, type of leather..aghhh. Love them yet have no clue. And I gave up on buying hats and gloves after a couple of seasons - just got too expensive leaving them in pubs all the time.

Anyway if you would like to share 6 wierd things about yourself please consider yourself tagged.


the "food" looks pretty average..even a suburban diner in Melbourne would outshine...the range of ingredients are fresher, much cheaper...Victoria St Richmond or Chinatown...Flower Drum is recognised as the best Chinese restaurant outside China...


this is just amazing dress...where do i have this sweater? please let me know.....?

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