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January 11, 2007



Belated happy birthday!
(Hehe, I'm a capricorn too!)


Happy b-day, girl! The Peach and I just flew back from Canada last night. Life ain't fun with a jet-lagged toddler, with a fever to boot :( C U Soon!


My pleasure honey. It was a great day for me too. Saw one of those new ads with Richard Gere today and it made me chuckle and think of your rainy, slothy Bday. The silver fox is actually not looking so bad these days. Actually, it was a great weekend on the whole. Great food, great onsen... Thanks! Here's to a great 32nd year.


ooh,looks like good times. happy belated b0day, kat!


I got an iPod shuffle for Christmas and love it. The first thing I thought of, though: what can I knit to protect it? Because it clips to clothing, I'm thinking I might make a flower of some sort, so it becomes a corsage of sorts. It's pretty cute on its own, though. Let me know if you come up with any ideas.


oooh, ipod shuffle, croissants, cake, chinese food.. all sounds like a divine way to spend your birthday!

haha, look at J's mustache! i love it.


I think I know what that is with all the lights on it, but maybe my mind is in the gutter...

Happy belated birthday - it sounds like you had a blast!


Happy Birthday!


Happy belated birthday, Kat!!


Hmmm, duck... And that birthday cake looks scrumptious too!


Looks like a fun celebration!


Hey, I've been to that restaurant (we had the duck, too...very good stuff). The decor is certainly the most memorable part, though.

Happy birthday!

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