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January 22, 2007



I agree -- nothing in the new Rebecca grabbed me either. Indeed, it will be a money-saver.


Damn, the pictures are so small on the Rebecca website, I can't decide whether I like it or not! I guess I saved myself $16 (well, unless I get my hands on an actual mag, flip through it, and decide I like it!).
Good luck with the pentagons! It looks like a tough pattern...


ack, i hope your cardigan woes work out. :/ it would be a bummer to have wasted your efforts. . . hopefully it'll come out fine. *crosses fingers*


Please could you tell me where the pattern from Nora Gaughan that you pictured can be found? Thankyou so much.
I've ordered the Fitted Knits book too, and the Big City Knits!

frecklegirl jess

eek. Just take a deep breath and keep on knitting!


I am knitting the capecho too. After 2 pentagons, I washed and blocked them and the "pointiness" went away. Whew! A close call. I think it depends on the qualities of the yarn you are using though. I have had the unfortunate experience of a yarn substitution ruining a project. Grr. Good luck, and can't wait to see pictures!

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