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January 05, 2007



Happy Birthday, Kat!!!! Here's to a wonderful 2007!


happy birthday! i'm actually going to tokyo TONIGHT(!!), but with a bunch of friends so i didn't bother trying to set up a time to meet. maybe i'll bump into you! have a great weekend!


The photos look great. Makes me want to go to the snow so badly. I doubt Tokyo will see any this winter.

Happy New Year and all the best for 2007! Also Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a lovely day!


Wow, those photos are striking! I totally covet a hot springs for feet -- how fun!

Happy birthday!!


Happy New Year and a Happy Birthday! Looks like a fabulous vacation, such an ideal winter wonderland! I miss the the snow, we didn't have any yet here in Toronto, isn't that crazy?!



wow, that trip looks like it was a lot of fun. skiing, hitting the onsen, food and beer? what more could you ask for? good times indeed.

p.s. send my early birthday wishes on to claire as well ;)


Sounds like you had fun!!! And it is nice to see snow somewhere in the world.


Wow! Looks and sounds like you had an awesome trip!! it looks really beautiful!

Happy Birthday!!!!


happy birthday and happy new year!!
I look forward to your blog in 2007.
happy knitting/crafting/life! :)

Steph VW

Kat - it's still you're birthday here. In celebration, I have just eaten a whole handful of chocolate chips. Happy Birthday - oh, wait, I feel another celebration coming on! More chocolate chips! Yay!

Your time in the snow looks like so much fun. We've only had one snowstorm here so far this year - (global warming, anyone?) - and although I don't miss shovelling my driveway, I do miss the way snow makes everything beautiful, sparkling and pure.


Happy belated birthday, Kat! Hope you had a great day and did something special to celebrate.


I tagged you in my blog!



Happy Birthday! And thanks for the Nozawa photos, we are going there next weekend and I can't wait.

PS Did you get the TV remote okay?

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