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January 18, 2007



THANK YOU for the tip about the addis! Just a couple of hours ago, I bitched on my blog about how they're unavailable in Japan. There are some great yarns on that site too...

Now that there are Krispy Kreme donuts and Addi needles in Japan, I may never leave! If only KnitPicks would change their shipping policies...


I love the idea of a virtual garage sale.


definitely do the virtual garage sale! i would love to buy more of your craft books :)

huzzah for the addis! i too buy them in the small sizes and use my denise needles for everything else. in fact, i just bought another set of denise needles so that i can have more than one size 7 project going at once :)


Ooh, a garage sale sounds nice. Like Gleek, I'm eyeing your craft book collection...
You are right about the mangeant. I felt ashamed watching such terrible tv, but I couldn't look away!


Thanks for the addi reminder, just went to snag a few sets of needles, their inventory is really depleated. Love the fake-cakes, did you see the pink cake ring w/ pretty little swirls? too cute!


I'm jealous that you can get addis for such a great price over in Japan! wow!


Asatsuru is the best---I use it for a lot of my quilting supplies. Dave is super-nice, too. So glad that you got your Addis.

frecklegirl jess

Amy Sedaris totally cracks me up- I got her book from Casey for christmas and I just love it. Too funny.

What is the knitting thimble for exactly? I don't know if I get it.

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