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February 21, 2007



ah ha ha ha, laughing out laugh at the budgie smugglers article. oh dear god. what a pack of galah's, huh. thanks for the link.

Steph VW

Budgie Smugglers? I was almost relieved to see political leaders in Speedos, 'cause my mind went to a very bad place.

I have friends who call that "smuggling grapes". Mind you, here in Nova Scotia our coastal water is the northern Atlantic ocean. Brrrrrr!

carrie m

oh, i'm sure they didn't *really* kill her off!


I am so addicted to Grey's Anatomy now, too! I'm sure she doesn't want to hang out with Denny and the bomb guy.


I've never heard the term budgie smugglers but I do like calling them banana hammocks.

I just watched Grey's, wait till you see what happens to you know!


Don't knock the budgie smugglers. I rock 'em every year down at Enoshima!!

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