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February 26, 2007



OOOH! Looks like it's time to start a list of must-visits for my next trip to Tokyo.

Have you been checking out eonline.com? Good Oscar updates if that will brighten your Monday morning. It's totally helped mine!


The Oscars were actually quite dull, so you didn't miss anything! And good luck on the cupcake quest!


Your sister makes the best lemon cupcake.

Dee-Lish-Us! Lucky I had one on Sunday.

Love Mock


If you ever do make your own cupcakes, there's a very cook bake-supplies shop in Kichijoji...last I checked.


My comment made no sense. I meant "very good" not "very cook."



i don't want to rain on your parade, especially since i went through the cupcake withdrawl when i was in tokyo, but no no no no. the link above is my picture from the dean and deluca in shinagawa - the cupcake was perhaps the worst i've ever eaten! dry cake, oily frosting... i hope if you do venture out there they have gotten better! good luck!


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Notting Hill Cakes in Tokyo has lots of cupcakes-address is 4-18-20 Nishi Azabu- see www.nottinghillcakes.com for map. Red Velvet, Coconut, Black Forest, Chocolate Ganache etc.


I've been to a few birthday parties here in Kobe---a parent with kids at the school where I teach does cupcakes for catering events. They are quite tasty. But nowhere near as good as Crumbs in NYC.


Hi. I was searching for wool shops in Tokyo for our trip to Japan next week. My 11 years old son and I love all things to do with wool and knitting. Your blog was most interesting to read. Like yourself my 2 children are half aussie and half asian(I was born in Taiwan and migrated to Sydney,Australia many, many years ago). As I mentioned my son and I will be in Japan for three weeks holiday from 21st March. Discovering and visting wool and craft shops is one of our 'mission'. Well if we are allow to bring cupcake mix for you from Sydney, we will love to do so to help you 'cope' with the craving for cupcakes. By the way when we were in Burleigh Heads,QLD for our holidays in Jan and Feb 07 we saw this group of Japanese tourist buying big and I mean 'Big'- boxes and boxes of "TINTAMS". Wow they must love it. would you like us to bring some "TINTAMS" for you as well. If so please let me know by return email to ccpmc558@hotmail.com.


Great blog.
I am a knitter and I co-run a knitting group Stitch & Bitch London. I will be visiting Japan (Kamakura) in August and I want to find out as much about knitting in Japan as possible. Yarn shops, knitting groups etc. Could you point me in the right direction please? My email address is joelle_london@hotmail.com
If you are ever in London please come and join us for some knitting in central London!

Many thanks :)

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