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February 23, 2007



hhhhmmmm, i would think that cupcakes would be all the rage in japan! they seem to be hot hot hot here in the states. i think that they even out perform beard papa's creme puffs!


How mysterious! I would think the Japanese would love cupcakes, since they are compact and cute. You should quit your day job and open up a little cupcake factory in Kichijoji!!


How to Bring a NEED for Cupcakes to Tokyo so you can find them all the time:

Step 1. Bake Cupcakes from really good recipe.

Step 2. Take Batch to work and give away for free.

Step 3. Give to friends to take to work and give away for free.

Step 4. Get everyone exposed to different types of cupcakes. Maybe have an icing party.

Step 5. ...

Step 6. People in Tokyo get addicted to cupcakes and bakeries start making them in massive quantities.

Step 7. Green tea and red bean frosting recipes migrate to the United States.

Step 8. Cupcakes on every corner of Tokyo!

Step 5 would probably be "reciprocal gift guilt" co-workers into making foods, possibly cupcakes, and having them "Bake it Forward".


I found one while I was there because I was wondering the exact same thing one day. I can't remember where it was, but I'll try and be back if it ever comes to me.


what are you waiting for then? Open up your very own, just like what mariko said! :) I can't get enough of Tokyo Banana though... yum!


i came across your page via google, and thought you should know about this:

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