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February 01, 2007



Oh, I love the Harlem Globetrotters too! My parents took us to see them when I was little and I thought we were so lucky. But otherwise, I'm not such a sports fan. I go to little league baseball games to socialize and eat.


well, if you're 32 and don't have your drivers license, then you should consider moving to a big city in the US.. you know, someplace like NYC ;) (i'm an enabler. i know it.)


oooh, thanks so much for the target-designers and the rowan links! much fun.

like you, I have an online shopping "habit" ... if you move to anywhere that has a storefront, it is dangerous -- buy online, have it shipped free, return it in person if it doesn't work. It's like crack. I promise.
(though it would be great fun if you ended up anywhere close to the east coast someday!)


I have never been able to get my hands on designer stuff at Target :( But if they sell it online...
I have my driver's license (although I flirted with the guy who was giving me the driving test, it seemed to help). But I hate driving! Luckily, I never have an occasion to drive in NYC!


Hearing that you don't have a license either makes me feel a little less weird.


Of all the weird things here, I'm most distressed that Target has extended its reach to Australia.


Ha ha - I read the Stella McCartney article too! I will actually be at the end of Golden Plains (the new, other Meredith music festival) on launch day and am already wondering if we can leave earlier so I can grab *something* in my size before everything's gone. That cashmere cardie is pretty hot.


I'm nearly 39 and don't have my driver's license!


thanks for playing Kat! I know its a bit much to ask almost strangers to share oddities about themselves! I don't think anything is that weird except for the wasabi thing for someone living in Japan! Although it is horrible when you get a noseful of wasabi fumes. Also love the So to bed book. someone brought it to a knitting gathering and I wanted to make everything. Actually I wanted someone to make everything for me. enough rambling.


Wow, cute blog! your cupcakes caught my eye - see a lot of muffins but not cupcakes here in Osaka.

I have an online shopping addiction too. Better than therapy?

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