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March 12, 2007



I thought the same thing! I checked the collection out online over the weekend and decided against trying to get any of it. Even though it's designed by Stella McCartney it's still Target and everything I liked seemed to be $200!


yeah...i looked online as well and thought. it's nice...but not that nice! there was one particular top i liked and the trench coat. to buy both pieces i would have had to part with a cool $300! mmmmm...i have a mental block with spending that much at target no matter who the designer is!

sheesh...target is where i buy my cheapo knickers!


I went today, tried on one dress, didn't like it and left. I was glad I got to see most of the pieces in person, so I could choose not to buy them (instead of feeling ripped off like last time that I didn't even get the option). The major mayhem was over by the time I got there. Apparently one lady spend $5400 that morning.

I wish Australian Target would take a cue from American Target and have constant lines of designer stuff, like Mossimo and Isaac Mizrahi, so you could have multiple pieces to choose from at any time, rather than a giant rush to get whatever has her name on it.


Just found this article on Slate about Stella's H&M launch - it sums up the whole cultural phenomenon nicely:



We have the Proenza Schouler collection at Targt right now, and ...meh. Not so great. If there's going to be affordable designer clothing, I want it to amaze me!


Didn't you get a Stella skirt in Oklahoma City? Or was that another designer? We have Proenza Schoeler now, but when I went to go check it out, it was just okay to me...nothing worth having just to have their name on it. I do like their bustier style tops but can't wear that type of stuff in my current condition.

frecklegirl jess

Wow- I had no idea this was even going on!

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