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March 15, 2007



bergen, norway: grey, wet, dark, 6 degrees. no flowering trees yet, but some snowdrops and crocuses. feeling better?

the pancake burger looks fantastic!


Love the new banner.
NYC: 63F, but thunderstorms... And then snow tomorrow?! I hate spring.


i'm with veronique.. why can't it just stay in the 60s? i was wearing my 3-hole shawl yesterday and loving it :)


Washington, DC: 60's (F) but not for long - rain this afternoon. And as far as flowers go, my daffodils started coming up in January because it was so warm, got snowed on repeatedly, but are still making a valiant effort now that spring is here - lots of buds and a few blooms.


in toke just like you, so suffering through the tease of warm weather a few weeks ago and now suffering through the cold, cold days of (argh!)winter in, gulp, March - what the ??!!! my spring bulbs are sooo confused! the smiley face burgers make the coldest, greyest day happy!


Okinawa! Lots of rain this week, very frizzy hair for a gaijin like me. Our cherry blossoms are almost done and the ume's gone too. I love seeing the petals everywhere, like snow.

I LOVE your new banner, it's so "Japanese" to me. Can't wait to take a trip to Tokyo and check out the crafty little stores you mention. My hub will be miserable, but I'll be in heaven.

The pancake burger is fascinating. Last night, had some beni-imo ice cream, love the japanese sweets! MMMM...anko.


I'd been hearing stories of unseasonably warm weather in Japan and feared I'd miss the sakura when I (finally) get there in early April. I feel a bit better after having read your post, though I do understand how terribly these wishy-washy days can be. Here in LA it's nearing 70 by day and mid-50s at night. Sunny (but a bit smoggy).

P.S. Have enjoyed reading your blog and finally checking in to say hello!


I just arrived in Tokyo Wednesday, to visit my brother. He told me about the unseasonably warm weather, but we must have brought the cooold weather when we arrived from San Francisco. At least I brought a coat (with a fur collar) with me. I didn't think I would get a chance to wear it. Silly me...hope it gets warmer soon!

carrie m

the banner is adorable -- and that is the CUTEST burger i ever did see.

Steph VW

Spring in my part of Canada starts about 4 weeks after the official date of March 21.

Right now our lawns, freshly bare of snow, are yellowed and matted to the ground; the ground is damp and muddy and there are puddles everywhere; the trees and flowers are still sleeping; and the wind has started to whip through the city as if it is trying to blow winter away.

I wish it would hurry up.

frecklegirl jess

Harumph. No spring here either.

Gotta remember to take pictures of those knits!! Maybe they can send you one? I have been known to do that- people think I am nuts but whatever.


Your new banner looks really cool. It's about high 60's-low 70s Farenheit here in Southern California. :)

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