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March 23, 2007




I do like Chritian Bale (remember the shower scene in "American Psycho"?) Love it!^-^

Greetings frm Germany (but perhaps from Japan soon or sooner...), Anne

Tsuishin: Really like your homepage!


ian mckellan and ben kingsley totally float my boat.

even though he has his manfat now, i still cannot abide leo. he will always be that differently abled boy next to johnny depp (first love) to me.


How about Ewan McGregor or Cillian Murphy?! I have a weakness for any hot guy with an accent though. :)


We're very excited that it's 15 C in NYC. Sure beats the below freezing temps we had for a loooong time.
Christian Bale! *swoon*
I also like Alessandro Nivola and Sam Rockwell...


Okay, guilty confession time: I LURVE Matthew McConaughey. I know he's weird and sort of dirty, but he is smokin' hot.

And Marky Mark. Ohh, so cute.

I also love Christian Bale -- remember Swing Kids? Yummy.


oh wow. you're like reading my mind! (side note: have managed to avoid entourage until about 6 weeks ago. got hooked. a couple marathons later, all caught up. antsy for new season!) I'll echo christian bale and throw in joaquin phoenix as well. (like you, river made me swoon tho too). and also Daniel Craig.... LOVE the new mr. bond. But for me, the pinnacle is george clooney. that man can wear a suit like nobody's business. plus he has the smoldering voice to go with it.


HA! I've meant to pop in and say hello for some time and it's taken this "crush" entry to get me to comment. Anything to start the morning off in a goofy mood.


Christian Bale. Swing Kids. Sigh.

Here's a shortlist:

1. Christian Bale
2. Tadanobu Asano (Last Life In The Universe, the Zatoichi remake, etc)
3. Hugh Jackman

Geez...The rest escape me at the moment.

Oh well. Time to clock in for work.

Signing off from Taos, New Mexico,


Yummy Christan Bale......


yes...yes...and yes....
can we also give a "woot woot" to Jake Gyllenhaal?


I just saw Blood Diamond, and I'm happy to report that Leonardo does in fact continue to look like a full-grown man, complete with scruff and bulging muscles. Christian Bale is totally a good call, and I have to say I thought Karl Urban in The Bourne Supremacy was about the tastiest villain ever. And who's the guy who plays Hot Bandit Boyfriend in Crouching Tiger? I'd go out behind the barn with him. Rarrr.


I gotta second Sarah with the comment about Leonardo in Blood Diamond. HAWT! He never looked that way too me until his last two movies..and I likey.

I've always loved Johnny Depp...and there's something just so naughty about Matthew McConaughey. :D


Johnny Depp and Mark Ruffalo. And whatever happened to Joseph Fiennes with his long, long eyelashes? Jude Law is super-hot, too, even though knows it and uses it for evil.


Yeah for Christian Bale. Donald Sutherland (Kiefer's Dad) is my wild card. Judd Nelson in Breakfast Club my obsesso bad boy in my teens. Andrew McCarthy sensitive cute boy in Pretty in Pinku I was totally in love with. Hidetoshi Nakata makes my heart sing. Now. Just boys. Men and Boys.


Hey Kat -
I've got to weigh in on this one for the boys on my team!

Keanu Reeves was looking very hot in "The Lake House".

Jude Law most definitely. Did you see Holiday? Loved It! He reminds me physically of an old boyfriend.

Love the dark hair and the fair. Can't make up my mind.

Blair Underwood just came up yesterday in a conversation...

Clive Owen and Ewan McGregor. Yum!

And let's not forget the hotties in the knititng books!

Most notably the Rowan models, including this chap featured in RYC Classic Alpaca :

I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers!


or how about the chiselled and windswept look...

This lad's a looker but he's taken-


Can't have it all - not like his lucky lady!

And so long to winter! It's funny how we forget just how LONG 3 months of sub-zero weather can seem. But today was bliss. BLISS!

Take care Kat.

chris Mok

OMG! I remember the scrapbooks!
you forgot to mention mark waugh!



Christian Bale is up there on my list, too. I'm also partial to Matt Damon. YUM.


Christian Bale, Christian Bale and Christian Bale. can i say Christian Bale one more time? thank you. i actually spent an half (drunken) hour during my wedding party this weekend talking to a (drunk) friend in a passionate (drunken) manner about how hot he is. no, new hubby wasn't around (but you don't mind, do you honey?)


Hee! Is this your most commented-on post? I have to take this opportunity to confess a weakness for Keanu. Yeah, yeah, "he can't act," yadda yadda. He's still pretty!



your entries are really funny + entertaining, by the way!

Lucy (niceandlucy)

oh these comments are so funny!

oldest crush since high school was Keanu... who is still gorgeous even though he seems so very vague...

Also Johnny Depp. I like the dark, slightly scruffy, brooding types I think..

Also I do agree with the Jude Law 'hot but evil' comment xx

frecklegirl jess

Clive Owen. mmmm

Stephanie s

Several here:

CHRISTIAN SLATER, circa "Heatheres," "Pump Up the Volume" and "True Romance." Wow, how I loved him!


GEORGE CLOONEY. Yep, I'm a sucker for the dark and slightly older man...sigh!

Dudes rule :) (slobber)


Kat, woo, Christian Bale! I fell for him after seeing Equilibrium. His Batman Begins is also way hot. He takes roles that draw on his smart, sexy, deliberate, cool as a cucumber, and expressive persona. Oh, and he's hot, too.

But my new man is hotter! I'm dating the Viking-Ninja Geek of my dreams.

carolyn Jeziorski

Ok, George Clooney for an older guy, Robert Redford for a really old guy (I remember thinking he was cute when I saw Out of Africa in elementary school), Jude Law (though he is an awful bloke), Ewan McGregor (nice accent and he can sing), McDreamy ... Also, I have to give a vote to Keanu, but mostly because my fifth grade students, who are always concerned about their single teacher, pestered me about my "type", and Keanu was one of the only single famous enough guys they knew who was close to my age that we (another teacher and I) could come up with....


Mark W is great but I'm always reminded of his NKOTB brother Donnie. I second Jake G. DiCaprio has always bee an amazing actor (looks aside) - ever since Waiting for Gilbert Grape. I vote a golden oldie: Gene Kelly.

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