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April 06, 2007



Love your photos! Especially the karaoke one - I don't have any good photos of me singing, my favorite duet is "Endless Love" and I always sing the Lionel Richie part. :)

And about your previous post, I knew that last week I saw that someone in blogland liked Christian Bale. I wanted to share a good story! Christian Bale had a meeting at my husband's work last week (he's an architect) and he tried unsuccessfully to take a photo of him. Wouldn't that have been the best post????


It sounds like you've been keeping busy! I had to laugh at the image of you staking out your hanami spot in your pajamas. We were in Kyoto one year at cherry blossom time and were amazed at how crowded the parks were. Even though we'd heard about it, seeing people crammed cheek to jowl was certainly part of the whole experience!


I love that pic! Glad you're using it.


look at the passion on your and daz's face. bet you put Whitney Houston to shame.


Karoake looks painful lol ;)


ohhhh love your blog and learning a lot about tokyo from reading it! we have just booked a holiday to japan and I am a major fabric shopper....well just a big shopper really so I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!


frecklegirl jess

I'm up for the slumber party! You just have to arrange your next trip to the US to be the same time as one of the big fiber festivals! :) Maryland and Rhinebeck are coming up. hehe


I´ve found your blog by accident, trying to find some images. Really liked it. Hugs from Brazil!


The cupcakes look delish! Thanks again Kat, we had a lovely time!

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