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May 31, 2007





Congratulations to you and your man! I just bought a birth present for a friend of mine at Petit Bateau (www.petit-bateau.co.jp)- they have really cute clothes for babys (but I guess there are enough nice Japanese baby shops too :)!


Yah!! The pics of baby Dudley are so cool. It's amazing what they can do these days.

Such a sweet badge too. "Have a nice baby" - I love it!

Congratulations again Kat!!


Congratulations again! I can't believe you got to have 8 ultrasounds, I've only had 3... I would have liked to have more, like you I overdosed on internet information and was convinced something terrible was going to happen.
Hope the next 20 weeks go really well, Suzy x

(PS you don't look big for 20 weeks at all, perfectly average for Australia, I think).


Congratulations, Kat!!
I'm so happy for you! I'm a steady follower of your blog, although I hardly ever comment.
I live in Spain, and here we have a lot of ultrasounds too. It's nice to have them afterwards.
By the way, do you already know if it's a boy or a girl?


oh my gosh, congratulations!! this is such exciting news. Hooray for Project Dudley!


You look beautiful - congratulations!!!


Good work!
Congrats, that's great news! See ya round Kichijoji.


oh my god! congratulations!! this is awesome news. i have so much practical advice to give you if you like. you should email me and we'll chat :) send my best wishes on to poppa as well!


I was quickly checking my Flickr this morning and when your shots popped up, I had to rush right over here to confirm what I was seeing! Congratulations to you both...what wonderful news!


Congratulations! That is pretty much how my daughter was conceived as well... accidentally on purpose ;) Good luck!


oh wow - that's fantastic news! congratulations! you look adorable with your bump. :)


Congrats to you and Darin! Those ultrasounds are so cute :) Love the foot.


ohmygosh, i'm so happy for you and Darin!!! YAY!!!

Congratulations! And I loove that button. I want to wear one around too when I eventually have a baby in me. :D


Oh congrats! I'm 26 weeks myself. You sound just like me! The internet is AWFUL! The best place I have found to visit is thenest.com and the board called "babies on the brain" or "BOTB & TTC" they have a seperate board for the other things we don't like to talk about so it tends to keep that pretty much out. It's been a great source of comfort for me and pretty much the ONLY Place on the internet I'll read or post, however there are from time to time things I ignore.

I'm jewish and in the jewish culture people are very superstitious. I'm pretty sure I pissed a few of my knitting friends off when at 14 weeks they asked to knit things and I said no thanks. Now I'm much more relaxed mostly because I started knitting things!! I didn't knit for the first 4 months I was pregnant, didn't have any drop of want or care in the world for it! Then ar around 24 weeks I semed to get a whole new love for it. I'm nearly finished with my second cardigan and I've finished a set of cute knit suede baby uggs in pink :)

Feel free to e-mail me anytime you want with questions as I'm a little bit ahead of you and maybe can be a comfort! I hadn't purchased anything for the baby, except when I was in Australia at 16 weeks it seemed REALLY silly to not get something so I did get a few things. Now at 26 weeks all I have gotten was 1 dress because it was way to cute and cheap to pass up, and yesterday I ordered the crib because I realized OMG I have 3 months left! And some people have their babies 3 weeks earlie (and perfectly healthy) so I figure man I might only have 2 months left!! AHH!! So I am feeling the heat on now to go ahead and get the baby's room ready with the bare essentials.

You look great, ya don't look big to me :)


Congratulations!! That's very happy news!


CONGRATS - that's so exciting! :) :) :)
Keep us up to date with your progress - it doesn't matter if your blog is about crafts, vacation, or whatever - it's your life that is so interesting and awesome and this is such a new and fantastic part of it.
Best wishes for everyone! :)


So now I know that you are just coming out with your secret, and I did not miss anything after all. Congratulations! You and Darin are in for quite a crazy ride. A fun and crazy ride, that is. :-) If you have any questions about giving birth in Japan, I have done it twice, so definitely keep in touch, okay?


COngratulations, you look really cute! and I love the badge.

frecklegirl jess

Oh wow! How wonderful!



Awwww! Congratulations!

I love the button. I still don't see a lot of parking spaces marked for families at the mall. Maybe the younger businessmen are less aware than the older people because they haven't had babies.


Best secret project! Congratulations!

erin d

wow, congratulations! you look so cute! (to match your badge and book)


YAY! Congrats :) This is great news and I admire your trepidation in the beginning. Cautiuos optimism is a good thing! I am looking forward to hearing more as the weeks progress and your life takes that last crazy turn into parenthood. There is nothing better, believe me.


Super cute button and 'duh' of course you'll have a nice, and mostly likely, super cool baby...even if the name Dudley sticks : )

Lunch was fun, thanks for the Aussie stuff.

You look great!

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