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May 07, 2007



Sounds like an awesome Golden Week! Nothing beats long weekends. Enjoy your semi-bachelorettehood while it lasts!


I remember talking my mother into buying me the soundtrack for Flashdance. And get this: it was a record!
Now, that's old :)
Have fun watching chick flicks!

Stephanie s

cute piggies! you know, an entertaining tidbit is that the movie "Red Dawn" from 1984 features both Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey as two teenagers who fight a Soviet invasion in suburban Colorado during World War III. I just saw it last night and couldn't believe these two would later star together again in such an amazingly different movie :)


OMG 20th anniversary of dirty dancing??? i remember having to ask my auntie to go with me so i could GET IN to see that movie. jeezus.

have a great time at home!!! i just went back after a year and a half and it went by way too fast.


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