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May 16, 2007



vmars is canceled?! AAARGHH! that kills me!

Steph VW

I'm so glad I'm not the only person who is upset when a favourite show is cancelled.

I watched the last episode of GG last night. This year my knit-night has been the same night as GG - I used to record it, but this past season, I haven't bothered. Now I'm regretting it.

And I only watched one season of VM. Mr. H and I have Peasant-vision (3 channels english - 1 french) - and the powers that be seem to think that those of us who don't subscribe to cable / satellite / digital cable etc, should be punished with crime shows night after night! (lowest common denominator, anyone?)


Can I make a TV suggestion? "Flight of the Conchords" will be premiering in June (I think). I work for the casting director for that show and all the scripts have been hilarious so far, so I can't wait for it to finally air. Hopefully, all of that funniness will translate well to the screen. They're supposed to be running right after "Entourage."


i find the split-toe aspect of those shoes vaguely unsettling, but i like them. too bad they're not my size.

i share your frustration with veronica mars being cancelled. seems like the good ones always get cancelled.



it hasn't been announced yet if vmars is staying or going. let's hope for the best.


the CW isn't even offered as a regular channel in hawaii unless you pay for premium cable so i had NO IDEA. *sad*


Isn't the GG cancellation so sad? I'm with you, it was so fast and sudden. Boo. I didn't really watch Veronica Mars but I didn't know they were cancelling that too! What are they going to do on Tuesday nights?


I was so sad to hear that Gilmore Girls was ending, but it's at a logical point. I haven't seen season 7 yet - I am waiting for the DVD set. I got hooked on it before I moved to Japan.


I'll bite on the shoes! Email me and we can set it up. I've wanted a pair of these since junior high :)


i'm really upset about Veronica Mars, too! it's my favorite show. changing the format was such a bad idea. the first 2 seasons were great, but the 3rd was definitely lacking. i'm really sad to see her (and Logan) go.

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