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June 20, 2007



LOL on the rugby shorts! Such a good idea.

Top Shop has maternity wear:
(Although, avoid the Emma brand, that looks exxy.)


i bought all of my maternity clothes at old navy and gap. cheap and disposable :) i never want to see those clothes again!


haha my girl kicks over right pants too!! And I got my knitting mojo around 25 weeks back as well, funny how that all is. I've finished 2 cardigans and 2 hats and some botties so far, working on another yoke neck top down cardi now!


So Dudley is already making his presence known, huh? :)


That's great news! I just recently had my check up. I am 25 weeks as of yesterday! Try to do some online shopping if you can! I buy my maternity clothes at Target and their selection isn't that great anyway so to be honest you might as well buy in the 'big' section. I did a few times. Japanese summer is tough stuff. I got lucky, today it rained. I keep knitting my baby blanket on and off I need to get a move on or it won't be done in time. :/ Oh well, you seem to be doing well! :D


Wow. I haven't been here in ages (I go back to the pink earring swap!) so imagine my surprise when I stop by. Congratulations on your pregnancy! That is so wonderful! :)


You don't know me (duh), but I just noticed Martine's announcement of your pregnancy and had to come over to take a look. Congratulations! The "What to Expect..." series of books (noticed you have the first one) are great--they work for us!


I agree re: expensive, frumpy maternity gear! Fortunately there are lots of empire line dresses and smock tops around right now, so I have been making do with my stretchiest normal clothes plus smocks from Supre that I can bin when the baby arrives.


I think Gleek mentioned it but Old Navy has good maternity clothes as does Target. Cheap and disposable. Do you have an H&M close by? They have great maternity clothes and again cheap and very hip looking. I too bought big pants at Target that I lived in at home and then I lost the weight they were too long because they fell all weird so I cut the legs and made comfy capris to wear around the house.

But I do agree, maternity clothes are crazy expensive. And you're right, it's better to be pregnant in the summer than winter, I had the hassel of finding a winter coat that covered my HUGE belly, it was nearly 50 inches at the end. I just hung out everywhere. I was a walking heater so I really didn't need to keep warm.


Hey Kat! For you and other mums-to-be in Japan that read Japanese, there is an online site called nissen (http://www.nissen.co.jp/index.htm) which sells everything from plus size clothing and talls to furniture at really reasonable prices. They also have a baby and maternity section on the site. The maternity and baby site is http://www.nissen.co.jp/c_item/menu_index/f_bm.htm
I buy a lot of stuff here. Unfortunately they dont have an english page. Check it out and by the way, I think you look gorgeous with Dudley!


Maybe you have a future soccer player in there? Love the 'progress' shot!


OOH! I can't wait to feel the kicking!! I'm keeping my sensors out for the butterfly feeling...

I'm the same way about maternity clothes! I did buy some online, and returned nearly all of them. I'm also just wearing summer dresses like normal. Maternity clothes are so awful. There are some styles that seem never to change...like every single pregnant woman throughout the history of TIME has worn them! I tried on a pair of maternity jeans...I don't recommend it.

I'll be my biggest in December/January, but I'm having all my morning sickness now while it's 100+ degrees outside...it feels GROSS to be sick when it's so hot. I think it'll be cozy to be pregnant in the winter. (I'm hoping, anyway!)


also: regarding too much reading...after I read your post on that, I totally stopped reading stuff online. I'm 35, which is apparently the age (in the States) that everyone freaks out over the fact that you're pregnant. There are so many "over 35" pregnancy books...and they're all full of really scary things.

I decided to not read them and just listen to what the midwife says. If the people who actually take care of ME think there's a problem, that's one thing...but to go looking at all the things that COULD go wrong...I'm too succeptible to that info.

(I'm the person who in biology when we did the parasite section...was convinced I had a tapeworm.) Just mention a problem and I'm convinced.

fuji mama

I was at about the exact same place in my pregnancy as you are now last summer here in Tokyo. I agree, it is not that bad! Actually, when it started to get colder, it was great because I never had to wear a sweater or anything, because at that point I was so big that I was too hot. Good luck! Having a baby in Japan was a wonderful experience for me!


Hello! I have been traveling and moving and haven't kept up on your blog in quite awhile... so your pregnancy was a surprise! CONGRATULATIONS! OMEDETOU! I love all of the things you've posted about pregnancy in Tokyo.. soo cute (that book especially)!

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