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June 07, 2007



CONGRATULATIONS to the both of you. I have a little boy who's almost two who can't sit still. Very inquisitive and always gets into things. I still remember the time when I was pregnant, and it was such a wonderful experience. I was lucky 'cuz I didn't get any morning sickness whatsoever. And that made being pregnant even a joy. Anyway, enough of me rambling. A good friend of mine introduced your blog to me. And I pop by every now and then. Congratulations again!


Hearty congratulation on the bairn.

Barry Bendall???


Mine's going to be a boy too :)
(I can't post it on my site though because my dad doesn't want to find out - he is funny like that).
Hooray for 2008 boy babies!!!

Jennifer P

Adding my congratulations! Your kid is going to have the coolest parents ever!

One of my close (foreign) friends gave birth in Tokyo and said it wasn't bad at all. Her doctors were great. The only thing she said she lacked was family support, which I suppose is good to have around when you're a new parent. But you two have such a great support group in Tokyo already that I'm sure you'll be fine.


The best thing about having your baby in Japan is the fabulous breast-feeding help you get. After L was born, I had a nurse/midwife by my side every single feeding for 6 straight days!

Btw, I ordered stuff from that Little Ruler site ages ago but never got it. I wonder what happened? Checking now...


Wow! I would have love to seen that exhibit. This one is one of my favorites: http://www.deitch.com/projects/slide_pop.php?imageId=2627&name=Barry McGee

Congrats on the little one. That's one lucky baby :D

Stephanie s

oooo, kicking! how weird that must be--like having a little person inside you or something. oh, wait--that's exactly what it is, ha ha! :)

so nice to see you with barry! i know him from here in SF and he's gotten so stratospherically famous it's great. and yep, he's asian, surprise surprise!

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