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June 11, 2007



Drunk? Aren't you a mother? Don't you love little Dudsy? Coke? Do you think it's 80s New York?

Love Mok


:) full on coca-cola. yum!


I love the layout and your banner, its kawaii! The Snickers that you ate definitely made Dudley quite a kicker. I saw that you also joined a swap, would you be interested in joining Gimme Your Stuff? http://gimmeyourstuff.blogspot.com


You remind me of me the first time I felt my baby boy kick. He has really strong days where I feel him literally throughout the day and then days when it's rather slow. He likes to surprise me. Have you tried music yet? My boy doesn't respond too much not his thing yet I guess. But my voice especially when I am talking loudly or on the phone he decides it's time to get runnin. I on occasion will have a cup of green tea and a few sips of coke as well or Dr. Pepper whatever is around. I am a chocolate fiend right now, something I was never until I got pregnant. I am so glad that you are enjoying it! Isn't it amazing and reassuring! I swear there are times I thought or forgot I was pregnant haha. I agree the mind can be nutty. :D


Hi Kat!

I'm so excited to start feeling kicks!! I'm about 2 months right now, and go in for my first midwife appointment today. It's weird to me that they're not seeing me sooner, like they just trust that everyone knows what to do ...la ti da. I'm so glad that you've started posting baby posts!!

I was so disappointed in the sopranos ending!! Did they all get murdered? Are they all fine?? What the HECK?!


Thanks for the tips on yarn stores in Tokyo and Kyoto. I went to Avril in Kyoto and you were right. The store is definitely worth visiting. Congrats on your impending motherhood!


Pretty cool feeling him kick huh? This is so exciting that we get to raise our boys together, even though we are no where near each other. I can't wait for Duds!

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