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June 08, 2007



KHM - you know I'm obsessed with Burger King toys - Oh joy! - Oh happy day! - get your mailing hands ready for work.

Love Mok


you just made my whole day! hope it doesn't have terrifying krispy kreme-esque lines.


oh wow, i can't believe you've been deprived of BK all this time! poor thing!

whoppers are disgustingly good, aren't they? and i lurve their chicken sandwiches. great, now you know i'm going to have to get burger king for lunch now (and i'm trying to watch what i eat!). thanks a lot, kat! ;)

Steph VW

BK has this horrible series of ads running right now - the worst of which features a guy approaching "The King", and holding a burger while a ballerina reaches into his pocket for change.

My hubby always shouts, "My God, he's getting a 'reach around'!" whenever he sees the ad. 'cause you know she's lookin' for more than change in there.


The King creeps me out so much that I run when the commercial comes on. >.>

You sure are preggors! LOL, personally I hate fast food but a good burger every now and again gets the baby kickin'


Oh, whoppers. Delicious. But I swear they spray them with something to give them the flame-broiled taste, because it seems like the smell stays on my hands forever.

The menu is pretty limited, isn't it? Are they just trying it out and planning to add more stuff later?


I love BK, though I have to agree that their current advertising campaign is uber-stoopid. But it must be working - we all remember it!!


Hungry Jack's in Tokyo!


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My wife and I will be visiting Tokyo in October. Might try the Japanese version.

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