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July 09, 2007



The sweater is adorable. Specially the embroidery :)Your tummy size looks normal from the photo.


i love all those handknits! that clown is adorable :) your aunt is an awesome craftster. your stomach will get much bigger! i can't wait to see it!


The skull embroidery is so cute! So, is it easy to get a seat on the subway now?


oh people will say the oddest things to pregnant women, I've been told I was huge, I've been told I was small. I think people are just shocked to see a person they know with such a belly so to them it's huge. I know the baby is like 3 pounds probably right now and she will get to 6 or 7 so I think welp, I'm gonne get loads bigger I think so they will just think I'm a balloon lol!

People stop me in the elevator and ask when I am due, which ya know your never ever supposed to say that to a women even if its obvious she is pregnant because you just never know, I don't mind it really but i think it's funny.

I have 8 weeks left now, I'm at week 32 and it sort of freaks me out but then it seems like a while, then it seems like not very long and then I think if she's early i could have only like 4 or so weeks of non-baby time left and uh oh I better start doing everything! lol

We have everything we need at this point accept a matress for the crib, but I need to call HR at work and figure out all my specifics, and I wanted to buy a new car before the baby was born too. AHH!!! To much to do :) lol

You look GREAT and not huge at all, atleast compared to me :) hehe

Steph VW

Clowny is such a great model - I expect to see him at the next Gaultier showing. And the Dudley fall collection? Adorable. I hear the fashion mags are falling over themselves to get the sweater pattern.

As for your bump - the receptionist at our office just had a baby girl and it was her second, so in comparison, you are teensy tiny. Honest. You look awesome. When I have kids, I'm going to look like a pregnant Hobbit.


The skull cardi is the cutest! I love all the teeny knitting.


Your knits are so cute and how funny that they fit Clowny perfectly! Dudley is going to be one studly baby. You look great. I know it's hard to ignore people's comments completely, but you really have nothing to worry about. Only 14 weeks to go--crazy!


That sweater is WAY cute. The cable socks are gorgeous...


Awesome bump! I love the knit socks. I am terrible at cable knit myself. I need to get better. If they think you are enormous then they'd think I was a hippo. LOL. If you have 14 weeks, then I have 12. Aaah. Not too much longer now is it? Going so fast.


Looking good Kat, that is going to be one well dressed baby.


I know what you mean about the comfort factor of knowing what's going to be happening - I'm one of those apparently rare women who isn't scared by delivery stories. (Actually, I like hearing them!) You look great so don't worry about what people say - I've gotten completely opposite reactions from strangers in the very same hour at times! The baby knits are adorable - I just love that embroidered skull.


nice belly :-)just enjoy it getting bigger and bigger because it will.i love the little socks.keep cool.


when i was pregnant last time, all of my customers were shocked when i told them i was going on maternity leave the next week. that was really strange, i'd been working there for 9 months getting bigger and bigger yet no one noticed?? it was starbucks, so i had the big ol' green apron on, but still. did they think the apron was just poofy? hah.

anyway, i LOVE the sweater! i'm pregnant again, and i decided i need to start making baby things, such as a ring sling, and bibs...and anything i can figure out how to knit or crochet. i'm not that great at either one of them. anyhoo, i think the theme i'm going with is skulls, so that sweater is absolutely fantastic!


I think being pregnant puts an invisible sign over your head that reads 'unsolicited comments welcome.' I mean really, would you ever tell a heavy person they look 50 pounds overweight instead of 30? It used to upset me when strangers would touch my belly, like being pregnant made me public property.

You look FAB, and super lucky to be gifted with clowny, and Dudley will be the envy of the other kids with his awesome hand-knit wardrobe!

In case you need anything, i'll be back in Tokyo on the 23rd : )


hi from Turkey ,
your knit is very cute ,
so your baby is very lucky

Loves ; Bengi :)

hee hee

oh noooooo! you've joined the cult. shucks.


No pain relief! Really?

My baby was almost 11 lbs at birth and Max couldn't wear the sweater I knit him to wear home from the clinic. I ended up giving it to my friend who had a baby 3 motnhs later. I hope your babe can wear that sweater, it's just too darn cute!


You're normal! When my sister was pregnant, she had a belly circumference of 105cm in the end - THAT was huge.

I have a pattern for baby booties in my blog's sidebar, in case you're interested.
The cardigan looks gorgeous!

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