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July 31, 2007



I keep dropping stuff on my tummy too! Also banging it against door frames... and now it has a cat sitting on it most of the time.
You're lucky to have good anti-stretchmark genes, I have a few lines already.


hahah, all of my maternity clothes were stained on the belly by the time i was done! you're not alone :)


ohhh and they say stretch marks are herditary, lucky girl! I already have a few on my hips, but overall they arn't that awful though I sitll hate them, and around my belly button they dont look like stretch marks, I call them stress marks because they arn't like the ones on my hip and arn't very obvious but they are there.


I know what you mean! Every time I got a new maternity top I wound up staining it within the day. It's ridiculous, and pricey! :)


before long, you will be resting your drinks there too...no kidding.


I didn't get stretch marks either...whew.


not so much with the belly stains but i was always getting food in my bra. i would find so many uncomfortable crumbs in there ad think what in the heck? the cleavage was a nice thing though. i do miss it now that it is gone.


I wwas dropping so much food on my stomach I just gave up trying to keep my shirts clean. But I had butterfingers really badly while I was pregnant. When we'd go out to dinner I'd wear black and put the napkin on my belly.

Right before I gave birth my circumference was at 49 inches. I could rest my cup of tea on my belly. Just you wait...


My sister's circumference was 105cm before she gave birth... her friend's was 110cm. Hope you don't get that big a belly!


I am 38 weeks pregnant and I spill SO much down my shirt now. I don't think I ever really spilled on myself (at least not on a regular basis) before I got pregnant. I guess the belly area is a good catch-all!


PSh, crumbs on your belly? Try getting crumbs on an annoying huge rack! Now that's embarrassing *points to self*

My sister is 5 months pregnant with her first kid so I enjoy reading other mommy blogs and "experiencing" pregnancy vicariously through her! Hoohah!

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