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July 26, 2007



fun trip! i loved going to nikko when we were in japan. had the best noodle soup of my life at a little restaurant on the road between nikko station and the temples. i'll never forget it :)


I really need to get out more. I would love love love to go to Japan, but I'm afraid I would bring back my a 747 full of bento boxes and supplies. That's a terrifying thought. Glad you had fun, you look great!


Sounds like a great weekend! The fog really does make it look like a horror movie waiting to happen. Paul and I will have to check out the log cabins. I've had some funny comments from Japanese people, too, like what am I doing out of the house and is it safe to go swimming. I hope I look as good as you when I'm in my 3rd trimester!


That place looks great. And I agree, me and my Hubby went on one of our first weekends to Nikko in Rainy season and it was magical! And pretty quiet. Definitley going to check that place out"


Thank heavens I can holiday in the States where no one notices my baby bump.

The university I taught at had a freshman retreat in Nikko every year. Unfortunately I was too busy leading activities and promoting our programs to get out and see the wild parts. Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to visit again someday soon.


If you ever get a few days, you should head up to Hiraizumi in Akita-ken. It used to be called the "little Kyoto" of Northern Japan, and was home to lots and lots of temples (all conveniently within walking distance of each other!). The one not to miss is the temple made entirely of gold and mother-of-pearl. Gorgeous! There were some decent hotels in town, as well as accommodations at one of the temples. Lots of fun!


Your Nikko pics are awesome! I'm envious of all the wicked camping you've done in Japan. We're actually heading out to a lake here in Canada today for a little camping trip. Camping while preggo is the best - all that fresh air for the growing baby! I even took L out to the lake when she was just 2 months old, which also totally freaked out my Japanese friends.

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