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August 07, 2007



i just had a baby in december, and have a few tips you can try. i know, you're probably sick of people telling you stuff! it can't hurt though, right?

when you sit at your desk, make sure you have your feet elevated. it might not matter too much now, but in about 4-5 weeks it will. and make sure you don't sit longer than an hour without getting up and taking a little walk around. do a few squats every time you get up, it will help keep your pelvis loose (which will help with delivery too!).

are there chiropractors in japan? i would not have made it through my pregnancy with my sanity intact if it weren't for my chiro. if you can find one, make sure they're familiar with the techniques for pregnant women. they can really make a world of difference in your comfort level!

best of wishes to you! i'll be looking forward to updates :)


The swimming pool sounds wonderful (it's about the same temp here in NY...).


i hear ya on the hip pain.. that's why when i think about sleep now, even though i'm getting at best 4 hours in a row of sleep, at least it's without pain! it's now been over a year since i've had 8 hours in a row of uninterrupted sleep. crazy.


everyone raves about the "snoggle" which helps with that hip pain, I got a body sized long pillow and it helped some but now I rarely get the pain, but the ladies swear by the snoogle on the pregnancy forum...


I practically live on those forums, sometimes people get bratty, depends on what time of day you are there but it has the least scarey stuff of any online pregnancy forum, they do fun polls and have good ideas and stuff!

You look great :) I went on a hospital tour last weekend, I'm about to freak out :) 2.5 weeks left of work omg!


hang in there girl! all is worth it once you hold baby for the first time in your arms!


I had that hip pain when I was pregnant. Keeping my knees separated with a pillow helped alot. You look great, btw!


Wow you look gorgeous and ready. You'll do just fine :)


OMG! You're huge! Like a giant! At least you're not 2m like your mother wasn't.

Love Mok


I second the part about putting a pillow between your knees. It was the only thing that got me to sleep on one side for more than a couple of hours at a time.

Did you go to Ikea yet? I went today, and thought of you when I passed the baby gear and changing tables. :-)


like the way you are showing a bit of skin in that top now!


good god..you have grown so fast...you will have that baby boy in your arms in no time.


Looking good. No, I mean, you are looking GREAT. I lasted only 29.5 weeks with Girlfriend and I only wish that my belly looked as robust as yours; alas it didn't work out but she is fine today.

Now that I think of it, saying you look "robust" is a bit strong, I think I'll replace "robust" with "healthy" and "beautiful," but let me tell you, I am so happy for you and wishing you lots of blessings for your baby and extra healing thoughts for your piggy.



woo woo!!

You look SO beautiful!!

I can't wait until I have a bump that actually looks like a BABY and not just a big dinner!!

(I'm all exclamation points today!!)


I'd like to suggest a full-length body pillow: you can sleep 'hugging' it with it between your knees. It helps with the back pain and also stops you rolling onto your stomach. I also liked it when I was nursing because it prevented me from rolling onto my breasts. My husband complained about my pillow, which I named "Derek"...but It was great for me!

You actually look great - so Im sorry you are not feeling more comfortable.

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