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August 22, 2007


K. Kay

I think people have covered most -- I will add that in Tokyo the Baby Bjorn is essential, and in my opinion so-so-so much better than the Japanese alternatives. With train travel it is awesome. Also, if your neighborhood is one that you enjoy walking around, I loved my big buggy stroller with the completely flat set up. I had the big Peg Perego one built like a limousine, and I've seen other European prams that are awesome. Check Tokyo Classifieds and the Tokyo American Club bulletin board in the Rec Building next to the swimming pool (you can go check the board even if you are not a member, perhaps not officially, but people do, and there are always a TON of baby things there, often quite cheap).

With the buggy we were able to take the baby out while we had lovely long brunches, long strolls, etc.

The first two months are brutal. Hormones raging, baby up all night, body leaking -- just know that it will be frustrating and trying, and most importantly, that it will get better.


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