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September 17, 2007



it looks like you all had a great time at the shower! and you look awesome, kat! really. i wish i had looked that good in my last trimester :) not long now! enjoy the time off while you can.


i love love love those booties! too clever. you do look great--i hope i'm so lucky at 36 weeks. can't wait to meet the dudders.


Holy moley!


Kat, those booties are adorable! And I do have to agree that you look great, too. Enjoy this time off work--I hope it cools down for you soon!


Those booties are so cute that they make my ovaries hurt!


Gorgeous booties! And I hope you enjoy your last few weeks of pregnancy... it will be over before you know it. Based on the last couple of weeks, all you really need to start off is nappies, wipes, lots of cloths to wipe up baby sick (we're using a pack of cloth nappies) a bunch of babygros, and a sling/stroller for carting the bundle around in.


those booties are the best things ever.


Those booties are the coolest! Dudley will love them I'm sure - and will be the most stylish little dude ever... Good luck for the next little while!! Darin looks like a very proud papa already.


Those booties are the cutest things I've ever seen. I MUST make some for all the babies that keep showing up around me. I can't wait to see pictures of them on the baby!


Girlfriend, I had Flynn at 36 weeks...watch out!!!! Duds could come any moment!


I love the picture of your feet :)


I can't believe you're still wearing the same shorts in your belly photos!


Your belly looks fantastic. And i am so glad to hear you were able to kneedle maternity leave out of your employer after all!!


Ooh, you look super! And Daren looks like a super dad alright! The booties are adorable :)


Kat, you look fantastic! And those booties are the cutest ever. the photos from the baby shower are great - looks like a fun afternoon :)

Mary Helen

Eeee! Those booties are so cute! Love the belly and mirror pic. :)

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