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October 01, 2007





hahaha, that's so great! KP and i used to love to watch the nut move around like that. when they get especially big right near the end, it's crazy how much you can feel it! i'm on pins and needles waiting for him to arrive :)


Oh, I remember that feeling! I have a daughter who is 17 months old so I still remember the sensations. It is odd to have someone moving around inside you and then it's odd when they come out and you don't feel them any more. They're way more fun on the outside. And someone else can hold them for a change.

Good luck! Don't worry about the delivery. You'll be fine and it doesn't last forever. I recommend the drugs, but then I'm a pharmacist so I have to as a professional curtesy.


That's amazing (and just a little freaky)!! Can't wait to virtually meet the little Dudster!


holy dooley! that's some crazy disco dancing he's doing there! great vid.


no freakin' way...that is insane! flynnie didn't move around that much...mostly the hiccups, which he gets all the time now.


so amazing... *almost* makes me want to go through the whole thing again... *almost*!


Oh I miss the days of baby lug dancing in the belly! He'll be dancing when he's out and you'll recognize his moves!


that's so crazy! he's really groovin in there. can't wait to meet you, dudley!


bleak house baby! (and dudley too...)


I remember that! It was so trippy! Have you tried to push back and see what Dudly does? I used to push Max's feet back in, he's push them and out and I'd be lopsided, he's kick me back.

Ah, seeing this again makes me miss being pregnant!


that is awesome! go dudley go!

Steph VW

wow. He's really rocking and rolling in there! So cool.


whoa, looks like a wild baby ride in there!


That was so incredible, thank you for sharing! I swear my second child was trying to kick her way out, it was so funny.

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