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October 11, 2007



Wishing you all the best, Kat! Hang in there...it won't be long now.
(That's going to be the best dressed baby in Tokyo this winter!)


All those little baby outfits are adorable! The dudster will be here soon enough! Hang in there! Good luck! We're thinking of you!


oh my god! gaaaahhh! i'm so excited! i'm on pins and needles awaiting dudley's arrival! and i can't wait to hear your birth story.

by the way, the concept of citizenship has crossed my mind, having a baby in a foreign country and all that. what will dudley be? japanese? australian? american? enlighten me!


The silence has been deafening since we met for lunch last week! I thought for sure that Dudley had come already. Hang in there. Your knits are all so sweet--especially those jeans. Aww.


Good luck with Dudley! I love that side-opening vest with the robot embroidery. So cute!


I'm so excited for you!
Those clothes are so cute, too - Dudley will definitely be stylin'. Thanks for all the pics and updates.. looking forward to seeing who's been hiding in that belly. :)


Those knits are all super cute! And the side - opening vest will be great if Dudley is anything like Ali, who hates having things pulled over his head.

I don't know if they have a better system in Japan, but apparently in Australia estimated birth weights are notoriously inaccurate... they said Ali would be 3kg and he was 3.7, which is quite a difference.

I'd love to read a post about being pregnant in Japan if you have time to write one.

Good luck and look forward to hearing baby news soon!


Darin must have his work cut out for him massaging those busy hands of yours! I'm totally inspired--gotta pick up the needles and try to catch up.


Wow! Dudley is going to be the best-dressed baby in Tokyo! Can't wait to see him in all the things you've made. It most definitely is the 'calm before the storm'- enjoy it while you can!!!


Such cute knits! Hang in there. I was three days overdue and thought I would never make it. It will happen when you least expect it ;-)

Best wishes to you all!

Steph VW

Oh Kat - Dudley is going to look so adorable in his new mama-knit clothes.

You were the hot topic among the Halifax knitters this week. Two of us had seen your amazing tummy video and were talking about how cool it was.

I hope everything goes well with the delivery! We're rooting for you here in Canada!


SUPER cute! Dudley is going to be the best-dressed kid in Japan! Good luck, you guys!


Here's wishing you a super easy, super joyous birth!! Take care and get your naps in now!


Want him to show up asap? Raspberry tea and sex. Worked for me.


the outfits are so sweet.i like your emroidery and choice of colours too.i had about a thousand ultrasounds in tokyo when i was pregnant and they said the baby was going to big.i went home to australia to give birth (they wouldnt give me anymore ultrasounds after having so many here) and they just felt my tummy and said, mm nice size...she turned out to be 7 pound, not so big..goodluck, its an especially nice season to snuggle a baby.


I'm impressed by all this baby knitting! That vest is so clever-- babies hate having things pulled over their heads.
Hope Dudley makes his grand entrance soon :)


Wow, you've been busy! That has to be the cutest pair of jeans I've ever seen. Take it easy, can't wait to see Dudley!


Oh Kat, all the clothes are just adorable! Love them. (also really like the vest for you... tres cute!)

My four friends who had babies this summer all topped the 9-lb mark, so I feel for you. I hope you have a quick and easy labor - and a happy healthy Dudley to welcome home! Best wishes.


hey kat, greeetings from denmark, hope all has gone well for now and dudley has met the world and that he, mum and dad are all doing great. we are both thinking of you here
johnny and amanda.
ps. the viking hat and pictures of same are a must, can i order one in an adult size?


Congratulations to be! Love the jeans.

Cristina (blu co-creator)

Sarah W.

I love that vest! And, actually, all of the little baby knits!
Best of luck... can't wait to meet Dudley!


I'm so glad that you're both doing ok!
Hang in there, it won't be that long anymore.


Those are the greatest baby clothes every! Much better than the overpriced Disney crap and stuff with weird English on it available in Japanese dept. stores.

I love the vest--I was thinking of making Josephine from IK but I like this one better. If you have a chance pls. post the name of the book or a link. Thanks!

I hope the delivery goes well!


Oh i love the baby knits! I cannot wait to see the new pinku model!

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