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November 19, 2007



Wow! I can't believe he's a month old already. And such a cutie :)


wow, he's so georgeous. i love the knit jeans.
i think the sleep deprivation will ease off at about 6 weeks, they start organizing their sleep cycles at that time, and sleep longer stretches at night.


happy birthday little man!

he just gets cuter everytime i see him. it warms my heart to see the two of you with him, he is a very lucky boy to have such loving, lovely parents.

he is looking very mokky in that bunny suit pic btw. i love his handsome new eyebrows.


Time sure does fly. I can't believe it's been a month too. My son will be 8 months tomorrow. I can't believe it. Enjoy this time together.

Jake is so cute, btw. So expressive!

And yes, so silly all the passport hoops you have to go through. I had to do the same for Max with his American passport. He doesn't have his French one yet. Even more complicated to get that one.


awwww, look at Jake in his wittle bunny suit!! :) awwww!


Aw, he's adorable! in his bunny suit and in his blue jeans. how cute - I guess I never thought babies needed passports!

So glad everything is doing welll - I know you're both exhausted!


He's gorgeous! And his blue jeans are fanatastically cute!

I wish you and your guys well--


wow, talk about having to jump through hoops for that passport :( and i didn't know that you needed a visa to go to australia! hmmm.. anyway, jake is the cutest patootie ever. i loved looking at all his pics. cherish this time. it goes by way too quickly.


omg what a doll in the bunny hoody.. ahh so cute!


He is absolutely adorable - the little expressions are priceless!

Steph VW

Aw, Jake is so cute.

In the bunny suit he looks very much like his daddy - er, um, his expression looks like his dad. I don't think you've posted a photo of Darin in a bunny suit - but I'm sure that's what he would like in one... er, ahhhh... um. I think I should just stop typing now.


Sounds like you all are doing well! And Jake is adorable. Have a good trip!


Jake is so cute! I remember my friends having the same problems trying to get passport photos of their two week old, especially since you couldn't hold her head in place (and she couldn't either). They took over 100....


Wow, one month already! He's such a cutie!


Man, he is just so cute! Love the jeans!


Jake looks absolutely adorable! And it is so nice with both of you being home you both get to share it all! What a wonderful daddy Daz is, taking the little man for walks each morning so mummy can catch up on sleep! Love the photos! Thanks for sharing all of this with us, Kat! I love reading about your new little family! So exciting!


Oh, those pics are too cute! He looks adorable in that bunny suit. Have a great trip to Australia! Did I tell you that I am going in January, too?


Wow, he's changed so much already! He's really starting to look like a little person. Love the blue jeans!


Omg, that's so Blue Steel!

We went through the same kinda hassle with Lucy's passport. She was only 2 weeks old when she had her photo taken and she looks like a wrinkly old man in it! The funny thing is, it's still her passport photo, even though she looks nothing like that now.


Jake's facial expression is priceless in the second photo. He looks...do I dare say...BAD ASS...already! Love the outfits! Job well done :)


Wow, he's a real cutie pie.


He is adorable! I love those Knitty jeans. =)

Stefene Calette

He is so cute.

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