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February 21, 2008



i got a frame, and a plop my carseat in the frame and I love it. When she grows out of the carseat I'll miss it but that still won't be for a few months. She'll be 6 months on the 7th of next month.

I got a Maclaren stroller, not sure how much I'll like using it full time, we'll see.


ugh! stroller shopping! i just had to get a new one because she outgrew her old one so quick. i did research for weeks! hey, i'm downloading skype right now :) we should chat!


Jake is sooooo adorable!


man he is cute! i can't believe how quickly this all happens, i wish i could give him a cuddle.


What a handsome little man!!


Kat, he's so cute! I hope I get to meet the little guy one of these days!


he is so cute.

there is a book called the wonder weeks, that explains that during the first year there are 8 big milestones (like rolling over) and with each milestone it is normal for babies to get fussy and become poor sleepers. i found that i felt like a loser every time my baby regressed into a fussy bad sleeping phase, and it is comforting to know that is is normal.


He's such a cutie! Isn't it amazing how fast they change? When I see newborns now it blows me away, because Ali is just so different... it's strange to think that six months ago he was a tiny little feeding sleeping bundle, because now he is so big and squirmy and has so much personality.

The sleep thing is tough, and especially if you're going back to work soon. Ali still has 1 and 4am feeds, but I think that maybe because he's a big baby he really needs the food. Here's hoping that when we start solids next month he'll sleep for more than 4 hours! All the babies I know who slept really well from an early age were on formula.

Re: strollers... I have a Maclaren, and it's the only one I've used but I'm happy with it. It's light and folds up small. The big three wheelers are better for pushing on grass, but they can get stuck in supermarket aisles and are no good for buses (or Sydney buses, at least). That's my 2c worth!


Happy four months of Jake! He is too cute for words.

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